Yul Basics

You have traveled far, and now stand facing the hidden door to the Pillars’ sanctum. A place of legends, known only by those deemed worthy.

Before you can knock, the door opens, and you find yourself facing an eccentric old man. He wears a simple robe, and has a deeply knowing look in his eyes.

Guardian, you have answered our call. I am the Professor, first of the Pillars. I only hope you will prove to be enough…

The Professor

The Professor

Ushering you through the door, the Professor fills you in on what you have let yourself in for. You must pass four perilous trials, one set by each of the living Pillars. Pass all four, and you will be accepted into their number. Fail, and… well, you would not be the first to pass through these doors never to return. Only the most brilliant can join the Pillars, and anyone who fails to prove themselves can’t be allowed to speak of what they saw down here.

Let the trials begin. You will have to first face the Professor’s test to proceed…