Using Diamonds

The world is oddly quiet as the ocean begins to churn around you. You realize there is not a single seabird in sight as a feeling of trepidation permeates the salty air. The crew braces itself.

Then there is an abrupt impact on the ship’s hull, sending it rocking to the side. You run to the railings and look in the direction the knock came from.




From the swirling waters emerges a multitude of serpentine heads, each nearly as large as the ship. They twist overhead, sending a spray of salt water down upon you. The stench of rotted fish washes over you as the movement of the creature’s necks churn the seas and surround the ship.

The crew rushes to their battle positions, losing and readying the ship’s cannons. You stand by Cap’n Fisheye, ready to do your part. This battle will be difficult but not impossible.

Slay the Diamean Hydra, and return home safe!