Stealing Souls

The Pyramid of Ptaheriq stands out from the desert, visible from miles around. It’s hard to believe that such a massive structure was built so far from any known settlements.

To your surprise, as you approach, you see the doors to the pyramid stand wide open. Surely, the security for this magnificent tomb should be more formidable.

Your party steps inside to look around, to see the entrance chamber filled with the bodies of fallen explorers, dried and preserved by the desert air.

As you stare at the scene around you, a shape steps out from the shadows. A creature with the body of a man with the head of a jackal. You recognize it from your studies; an Anapaw, one of the keepers of the dead.

The creature raises its hand and you feel your life force begin to escape you. Quickly, before you share the same fate as the bodies strewn around you…