Racing Riverboats

You wake up after a long night full of dreams of crashing waves and snapping crocodiles. You’ve navigated the river before, but today is special. Today you will race 4 of your fellow guardians, and even though it’s a friendly race, you are still eager to win.

As you and Reathis arrive you can see that small crowds have already gathered on the banks of the river, the locals always come out to watch the races, Reathis explains. You and Reathis walk down to the riverbank where you're greeted by 4 other guardians already preparing their boats. Reathis points at one of the boats.

This one is yours Guardian. Have you understood the rules?

Reathis Greybeard

Reathis Greybeard

This is no ordinary race. Using Cryptomancy, mages are able to race at speeds far beyond normal sailors. Using magic to not only propel your boat but to navigate the dangers of the river, the Denhkara races are truly thrilling events.

As you line up your boat with the others, you see close up how the river is dotted with jagged rocks and the famous Nylara crocodiles just waiting to pounce on anyone foolish enough to capsize. But with your skills, this should be a piece of cake…