Proxy Security

With the Upgradeable Mech Suit and your help, Hamish quickly rises through the tournament. His new technology works perfectly! All it takes is a little work before each fight, and the Upgradeable Mech Suit can be re-tuned into the perfect configuration for each opponent.

But with success comes imitations. Soon, other competitors begin attempting to emulate Hamish’s innovations. All over the Colosseum, dwarves are swarming over their Mech Suits, attempting to build in customization options.

Neither you nor Hamish is worried. These machines will always be second-rate imitations. Still, there’s no harm in having a look to see what your opponents have been doing to their Mechs.

Take a look at your opponents in the next rounds of the tournament. If you can identify their vulnerabilities, you can exploit them in battle and get yourself one step closer to victory!