Poly Network Rekt

It’s a well known secret that Windersail is the hub of the moondust trade. A dangerous narcotic from the southlands, smuggling gangs bring the drug into the kingdom using a well organized network of small boats. Controlled by King Baku's most trusted advisors, the network runs with faultless cadence: day in, day out.

That night, as you return to your rooms after dinner, you find another letter waiting for you.

Guardian, you have done well. But there is much to be done. Tonight, the smuggler who calls himself King Baku will be delivering moondust to the port. He hopes to make the most of the confusion we have caused to make himself a fortune. But he has been sloppy. Be at the docks tonight. R.H.

Mysterious Letter

Mysterious Letter

This mysterious letter writer appears to know many secrets. Just who are they…?