Orderless Hashing

As you step into the central chamber of the Grand Pyramid, you are dazzled by the array of treasures that shine in the light of your torch. Every surface is gold. Every object is adorned with jewels. The Pyramid’s legendary status is well deserved.

But the thing that holds your attention is the figure sitting on a throne in the center of the chamber. A ghastly figure of a man encased in preserved flesh and adorned with rich clothing, with a mighty spear in his hand. The Pharaoh Ptaheriq.

To your horror, the skeletal figure begins to stand, slowly breaking free of its calcified shell to point a finger at your party.

Foolish mortal. You have traveled to where no one living may enter. But by your greed, you shall suffer the fate of all those who seek to take that which is rightfully mine. None may touch that which belongs to the Pharaoh!



The mummified Pharaoh stands, towering over you, and swings his mighty spear. You barely managed to dodge out of the way in time. You weren’t expecting this. None of the legends say the Pharaoh was personally defending his treasure.

He steps towards you, readying another swing of his spear, and you realize you have no chance of victory while he holds such a fearsome weapon…