Openzeppelin Upgrades

The morning of the final battle of the Tournament of Machines dawns. Despite your confidence, you find you feel nervous. There's a lot riding on today's fight. To your surprise, you discover Hamish in the workshop. He's been working all night!

Our opponent today will be no joke. But don't worry, I've got a plan that will make us unstoppable.

Hamish the Builder

Hamish the Builder

Eagerly, Hamish shows you the blueprints he has drawn up. You can't help but be impressed. He's designed an Ultimate Mech Suit, one that can construct target-seeking bombs. If he can make these work, they will be able to create immediate and unavoidable destruction.

But making changes to the Mech Suit on the morning before the final battle? That would be hard enough if all of this technology wasn't already very experimental. But when you express your concerns, Hamish reveals he has already begun making the changes to his Mech Suit, leaving it riddled with mechanical faults and vulnerabilities.

Help Hamish fix and refine the Ultimate Mech Suit in time for the climax of the Tournament!