Hello Noir

The land of Norgard lies between two great mountain ranges, leaving it shrouded in shadow. For centuries, it has been ruled with an iron hand by a group known as the Twilight Council. These lords fear magic. Seeing it as a threat to their power, they have outlawed any use of it to protect their grip on the region.

The streets of Norgard are patrolled by the Watchers, fearsome men and women trained to track down and capture mages. These Watchers use Hounds, beast-like dogs trained to sense the residue left behind each time a mage harnesses the Weave.

But there will always be those willing to fight for their freedoms. The mages of Noir, rather than being driven off, have developed ways to mask the telltale signs of their magic. They work in secret, hoping to one day finally overthrow the Council and grant freedom to the people of Nordgard.

You have received a message from an old friend, asking you to come to Norgard to assist the resistance. Sneaking into the country will be hard enough, but if rumors about their mission are correct, getting there will only be the first challenge…