Tutorial 2: CTF


After weeks of training and studying, your time as an apprentice is almost at an end. You've worked hard and have finally mastered the skills required to become a full-fledged member of the Order of the Node Guardians. 

However, before you can take that title, you must complete one final task to prove yourself worthy. 

This is it! Time to prove that you have been paying attention to what I've taught you. Now is when you show me what you're really made of! 

Sebastian the Red

A town a couple of days ride from the city has been complaining of repeated bandit raids for the last few weeks. The Guards had located the camp the bandits have been using, but it's going to be your job to clear it out. 

Can you believe it? We are this close to earning our stripes. How tough can a couple of small-time bandits be?

Kai Lowborn

Clear out the bandit camp and final graduate as a mage of the Order of the Node Guardians!