Cream Finance Rekt

During a stay in Windersail, you are troubled by the number of criminal gangs operating in the town. None of them are particularly powerful on their own, but they cooperate to protect each other from the Town Watch, and even the Guardians. After several days of fruitless searching for leads, you return to your rooms to find a mysterious letter has been left for you.

Guardian, it seems we have similar goals. Working together, we can help clean up Windersail. First we must take out the moneymen. If you can take down The Shark, the gangs will find it a lot harder to finance their plans. R.H.

Mysterious Letter

Mysterious Letter

You do not recognise the handwriting, but you have heard of The Shark. He is a predatory money lender, who has gouged honest traders with his absorbent interest rates and violent protection rackets.

Whoever wrote this letter is correct. If you can take down The Shark, it would be a good first step in crippling the criminal gangs of Windersail…