Changing Bytecode

The Black Forest is home to many strange species. Some are friendly, while many more are decidedly unfriendly. But only a very few possess the elusive ability to shapeshift. The best known of these are the Maagiri, a clan of beings with the ability to take on any number of forms at will.

Visiting the Chapterhouse near the forest, you come across a Maagirus named Alecia. She has come out of the forest to ask the guardians for help. A few weeks ago, she met and fell in love with a human man. But in doing so, she has found herself unable to shift out of human form. Now her clan has cast her out.

Please, help me. They say the Guardians know magics no one else does. Can you help me return to my people? 



Find a way to help Alecia regain her abilities and return to her clan?