Breaking RNG

As you approach the town, you can feel the atmosphere of fear settling around you. These once prosperous streets now lay empty. Once welcoming storefronts are boarded up, where they haven’t been burned to the ground.

Standing over the ruins of the town is the Prophet’s tower. Originally designed as a watchtower, the Mad Prophet has transformed it into a spire that pierces the sky, from which he is able to rain down destruction on those who oppose him. Your first task will be to find a way to reach it.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a twisted inhuman shadow dart past.

Shadelings! They are probably patrolling the streets. We have to be careful, guardian.

Sally Bones

Sally Bones

Shadelings are high-level familiars that are difficult to defeat in direct combat. If you want any chance to reach the spire, it’s best to avoid the shadelings and sneak your way through the town…