Bendy Signatures

You've lost count of how long your party has been navigating the dark, winding corridors of the pyramid. It truly is a maze, and more than once, you've been forced to double back on yourselves.

After a while, you find yourselves in an antechamber. Your faded map tells you that this is the final room before you reach the pharaoh's resting place. A large stone door stands before you, bearing three massive locks, gilded in gold.

A giant catlike shadow leaps from the upper balcony, landing between your party and the door.

Step further not, we do not welcome your kind.But I confess, I fall for the sharp mind.I will riddle you three, one for each key.Err once, I might forgive. But twice, you cannot live.



You step forward. Solving two out of three riddles doesn't sound too hard…