Basic Proxies

The colosseum is filled with the deafening roars of the crowd. The stands boast a strong smell of Dwarven beer, engine oil, and popcorn.

You find your way to the workshops where the competitors work on their Mech Suits. While everything looks impressive, one suit, in particular, draws your eye. There’s something about it that looks different from the others on display.

As you admire the craftsmanship, a rather stressed-looking dwarf bumps into you.

Oh, sorry, didn’t see ya there! Say, you look like you got some noggin’, wouldn’t mind giving me a hand, would ya?

Hamish the Builder

Hamish the Builder

The dwarf introduces himself as Hamish, the creator of the Mech Suit you have been admiring. He’s competing in this year’s tournament and has every intention of winning. Leaning in, the dwarf reveals his master plan for victory: an Upgradeable Mech Suit. Rather than building something that can hold its own against anything, he plans to adapt his Mech before each fight, tailoring its abilities against each individual opponent. That way, he’ll be unbeatable!

The problem is, you can tell from his expression that Hamish has bitten off more than he can chew. The process of adapting the Upgradeable Mech Suit for each fight is a two-man job. Seeing you have a keen eye, he offers to share the rewards for winning the tournament with you if you help him.

A chance to participate in the Tournament of Machines? How could you turn it down? Especially for a share of the spoils!