WTF Imps

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The town of Cappenberg is always a bustling place, but today, as you approach, you notice a different kind of energy. Even from a distance, you can hear the sounds of yelling and the smashing of crockery. What on earth can be going on?

Once you are in the town, you immediately see the problem. The sounds of chaos are coming from the Node and Hammer Inn. As you join the crowd gathering outside, you watch as a group of people flee the building with panic in their faces, closely followed by the innkeeper, Jain Ottenheimer, fall out of the doorway, swatting at a mass of evil, red imps. They are biting and scratching at him as he attempts to bat them away. You run forward and quickly cast a wind spell, dislodging the tiny creatures off the poor man. A couple attempt to attack you instead, but a couple of well-timed punches knock them clean out of the sky.

Guardian! Thank goodness you’re here. These imps appeared this morning, and they’ve caused utter chaos. They got into one of my ale kegs, and now they’re destroying my inn!

— Jain Ottenheimer

You look around as you help Jain up. Trying to deal with a drunk swarm of imps one by one would be a fool’s errand. But perhaps there’s something else you can try…