Vanity Theft

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The news is all over the city. Over the past few nights, there has been a series of break-ins in one of the biggest banks in Fal Aran. Rumors are flying around, from this being the work of a new criminal gang to a lie made up by the bank to justify higher security fees. But one thing is for sure, the rich and powerful of the city are beginning to panic.

It’s not long before the owner of the bank calls to the Order for help.

It’s all true, Guardian. Three of my vaults have been broken into in as many nights, taking hundreds of gold coins each time. We’ve no idea how they are getting past our security. And each time, they have left a note, taunting us!

— Bank Owner

He slides three small parchment pages across his desk, using only one finger as if they were physically dirty.

This is unacceptable. They are taunting me! This bank has a reputation that must be upheld at all costs, Guardian. I demand you catch this fiend of a thief immediately before they take more of my money!

— Bank Owner