Vanity Theft

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Vanity Theft

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A thief 0x7D0673F244c9C2e890fd294E1c65a51Fc7359963 is on a rampage heist! He has already stolen the funds of three vaults:

  • Vault 1 : 0x1C5B8403046A752EcF7711bAc65Af9CFb620De04

  • Vault 2 : 0xC102E6069894F98a7bb7590d4d8D3a8EE9293da8

  • Vault 3 : 0xdEBF645E174e2fEa2275033b7E9456e5c830B140

Out of vanity, the thief left the three attacks with one message each, as if to taunt their victims.

====== BEGIN MESSAGE ====== Walls and bars mean nothing to me. I didn't even need a key. ====== END MESSAGE ====== Signature: 0x884addc84d466530772868c85a64d080d52a136b91fb27f2c1808bad89c54db54f544e595c05eef3cfbb1f4c93995c5492e72b9031db9b23b29494a2e7c8fab51b
====== BEGIN MESSAGE ====== Your guards are well trained, your locks the strongest. But you couldn't keep me out the longest. ====== END MESSAGE ====== Signature: 0x834c1351080d10237e84c1b9ce35d5ac681ae3729ad244930dcf91fcddbc99385aaed7ce06e16e7154a887f8f37e113e871d5b65536044a201fc1213528d21cd1b
====== BEGIN MESSAGE ====== I know how much you seek to protect your vault. But if you're unprepared for my talents, well that's not my fault. ====== END MESSAGE ====== Signature: 0x884addc84d466530772868c85a64d080d52a136b91fb27f2c1808bad89c54db545ddaf57cf753ba1ea96c217c387dd8943f688910a3c5d5a488bbb1bfb0766431c

The messages were hashed and formatted using the EIP-191 signed data standard before being signed.

All might not be lost, however. The stolen funds are stored in a Loot contract. If only there is some way to gain ownership of it...

Your Task

Take back the vaults' funds! Gain ownership of the Loot contract.

Contract Code

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.19; contract Loot { // The thief owns the loot... address public owner = 0x7D0673F244c9C2e890fd294E1c65a51Fc7359963; // Take back the loot! function transfer(address _newOwner) public { require(msg.sender == owner, "Hands off my loot!"); owner = _newOwner; } }

Take the letters to the chapterhouse and analyze the purple smudges…