Vanity Addresses

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You are sitting in the caravanserai courtyard, sipping the thick, local coffee as you watch the local merchants load cargo onto their caravans when a young merchant approaches you.

“Guardian, I come seeking your help. I’m looking to build new trading contracts, but my competitors travel faster than I."

— Aisha the Merchant

Those who cross the vast distances across the Cairset desert rely on oases and waterholes. Without these as landmarks and places to take on water, it would be impossible to cross the vast sands.

“I’ve heard rumors of an oasis to the west. If I could find it, it could allow me to cut at least a full day off my journey to the town of Amunthor. I can’t find it alone, but perhaps with the assistance of a Node Guardian such as yourself…?"

— Aisha the Merchant

Travel with Aisha the Merchant and help her find this new oasis and cross the unforgiving desert…