Vanity Addresses

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Vanity Addresses

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Starknet relies on salted hashing in its computation of contract addresses. A positive side-effect of this is that it is possible to deploy accounts and other smart contracts onto vanity addresses. Vanity addresses are addresses that contain a easily distinguishable hexadecimal segment. For example, 0x0000... or 0xdead....

Your quest is simple, can you find an 04515?

Your Task

Set is_oasis_found in EndlessDesert to true.

Contract Code

#[starknet::interface] trait IDesert<TContractState> { fn is_oasis_found(self: @TContractState) -> bool; fn find_oasis(ref self: TContractState); } #[starknet::contract] mod EndlessDesert { use starknet::{ ContractAddress, get_caller_address }; use traits::Into; use super::IDesert; #[storage] struct Storage { is_oasis_found: bool, } #[abi(embed_v0)] impl EndlessDesert of IDesert<ContractState> { fn is_oasis_found(self: @ContractState) -> bool { } fn find_oasis(ref self: ContractState) { let caller = get_caller_address(); assert(is_oasis(caller), 'NOT_OASIS'); self.is_oasis_found.write(true); } } #[inline(always)] fn is_oasis(address: ContractAddress) -> bool { let addr_as_felt: felt252 = address.into(); let addr_as_u256: u256 = addr_as_felt.into(); let prefix = addr_as_u256.high / 0x1000000000000000000000000000; prefix == 0x04515 } }

To safely cross the desert, you need to find the oasis…