Using Signatures

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Traveling through the eastern outskirts of the kingdom, you stumble across a group calling themselves the elders of The Lotus Order.

Offering to share their fire, the group tells you about themselves. Followers of The Lotus Order devote their lives to acts of faith and service, hoping to one day rise to the rank of Grandmaster and ascend beyond the physical and become one with the Weave itself.

Once they become part of the Weave, Grandmasters continue to watch over their Order, bestowing their blessings to their remaining followers, until one day they might also rise to ascend into the Weave.

Tonight, one of their number has been declared ready to ascend. As part of the ritual, however, they must determine a way to give blessing to those who remain and invite new Grandmasters to join them once they are ready.

They invite you to be part of the ascension ritual. Who are you to decline such a rare offer…