Unsafe Math

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The central bazaar in the city of Basator is one of the largest and busiest in the entire kingdom. Here you can find everything from fresh cargo that has just come into port to everyday household essentials. All of Cairset knows the saying that if you cannot find something in Basator's bazaar, it probably doesn’t exist.

But every market has dishonest traders, and the Basator Bazaar is no exception.

One of the most important religious festivals of the year will be taking place tomorrow and every temple in Basator has been waiting for a shipment of a rare incense to arrive. However, when the shipment came in the morning, one merchant managed to buy up the entire stock and is now selling it at a ridiculously inflated rate.

You watch the greedy merchant from a distance, handing out free samples and playing the generous salesman; a difficult scene to idly observe. Surely there is something you can do...