Unordered Key Set

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On arriving in the town, you head to the local tavern. You need a meal, and the Node and Hammer looks like somewhere an adventure such as yourself might find work.

The innkeeper greets you with a jovial smile. He has a room available, but when you ask about work, he claims he’s not aware of anyone looking at the moment. However, he says that if you are in need of coin, he needs someone to help him with his storeroom. It’s been a busy season, and it is in dire need of reorganization before he can restock.

A strong back and a keen mind are just what I’m looking for. Lucky for both of us that you arrived when you did. I’m sure you’ll be done in no time.

— Jain Ottenheimer

He takes you into the back room, where numerous crates lay in untidy piles. It’s clear Jain has been throwing everything in here without a thought.

It’s not the sort of work you were hoping for, but perhaps if you get into the innkeeper’s good books, he might be more amenable to help you make connections.

Help the innkeeper by creating a better system for organizing his stockroom.