Stealth Addresses

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In the days of Wild Magic, before the Weave was so well understood, mages bound their spells within grimoires. These tomes were dangerous to those who did not understand them and were often protected with unpredictable curses.

Only a few of these Cursed Grimoires survive to this day. Modern Cryptomancy has rendered most of their spells redundant. But they are still highly sought after by certain mages and collectors of esoteric artifacts.

Not everybody, however, understands the joy of owning such items. In fact, many towns and cities have outlawed the sale or ownership of Cursed Grimoires entirely. Too many people simply don’t understand the desire to possess something others consider dangerous.

My sources tell me you’re someone who can be discreet. Perhaps you can aid me in the sale of a few… specialist items.

— Jhalnar the Knowing

Jhalnar needs a way to securely transfer ownership of a Cursed Grimoire away from the prying eyes of those who wouldn’t understand.