Stealth Addresses

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Part III

Unlocking Stealth Addresses

CursedGrimoires now supports stealth transfers. But the receiver will still have to compute their own private keys.

This can be done like so:

  1. The recipient scans through the history of emitted StealthTransfer events.

  2. For each publishedDataX / publishedDataY pair, the user generates a corresponding address (with their private key).

  3. If the address matches the emitted stealthRecipient address, the user can conclude that they are the designated recipient of the stealth transfer.

  4. The recipient can then compute and store the private key to the stealth address, effectively gaining ownership of the transferred token.

Let us see how we can implement step 4.

Your Task

input/stealthTransfer.json contains a StealthTransfer event designated to a recipient with private key:

Private key: 0xdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdead...

Compute the private key of stealthRecipient and log your answer in output/stealthRecipient.json.

// In output/stealthRecipient.json { "privateKey": "{YOUR_ANSWER}" }

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You have a rough idea on how to implement such a secret system. Can you figure out the rest of the pieces?