Starknet Storage Layout

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You are taking a stroll through the halls of Denhkara when a student comes running to find you. Apparently, Sanaa Azima, the Head Scholar has sent for you.

When you arrive in her office, you find Azima deep in thought, reading from an old tome, one amongst the many lining the room's shelves.

Ah, Guardian, you’re just who I was hoping to see… I am sure you have heard about the sealed doorway we have unearthed in the city’s catacombs? Well, we have been studying it, and have found traces of archaic power from behind those doors.

— Sanaa Azima

To you, the city’s catacombs are no more than a convenient setting for eerie tales children spin up to scare one another. It would be laughable to think that the crypt hides any sort of power at all.

I will not lie. Your name comes with high praise within these walls. I am sending a search party through those doors, and we could use some additional muscle… Would you like to join?

— Sanaa Azima

But who are you to doubt the clever Azima? And truth be told, your curiosity is quickly becoming difficult to ignore…