Setting Up

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Part IV

Submitting a Quest

Once local tests have passed, you are ready to publish your work for submission. We will provide two alternatives for you to do so.

First Method: Automatic Submission (RECOMMENDED)

Questplay provides a simple command that pushes your work to Github for verification.

  1. In your local repo, save and commit all your work.

  2. In the terminal, in the setting-up/ directory, run the following command.

quest submit

This command performs an empty commit, messaged "#setting-up", and pushes your work onto your Github repo. This push will be picked up and processed by the NG Validation application on Github.

Second Method: Manual Submission

If you prefer to have finer control over your git history, you can also submit your work manually.

  1. In your local repo, save and commit all your work.

  2. Name your last commit’s message as “#{NAME_OF_QUEST}”. In this case, it will be “#setting-up”. The hashtagged message will trigger the NG Validation application on Github to process your work!


Lastly, after executing either submission method, click "Verify" on this page to confirm that your work has been submitted.

Your Task

Submit your completed quest for verification!

Is your submission not going through? Check out our troubleshooting guide or reach out to us on Discord!

After struggling for a while, you at last manage to create a basic fireball. That was trickier than you thought. Now, see if you can hit the target dummy across the field…