Setting Up

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Part I

Setting Up

Many of the quests in Node Guardians will require you to build and test smart contracts locally. This way, you will be able to work from the comfort of your preferred IDE. In this section, we will walk through how to set up your local environment.


  1. Node version 16 or later.

  2. npm and nvm / n installed.

  3. Basic Proficiency in Git.

Configuring Questplay

We have published a repository, called Questplay, on Github to help you manage all your future quests. This repository comes with a CLI-based application that helps you download, test, and submit quests.

First, visit Questplay on Github.

Then, above the repository's file list, select Use this template > Create a new repository.


Name your new repository ng-questplay, and mark it as private. Once done, select Create repository.


It is important that you mark your repository as private! Our backend rejects submissions from public repositories.

Next, visit and install our Github Application. When prompted where to install, select your profile, then only selected repositories > ng-questplay.


Your Task

Follow the instructions detailed above and set up your Questplay repository!

Before training can begin, you will need the correct equipment. Head to the armory...