Price Oracle Attack

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The markets of Cappenberg have been suffering a severe shortage of gouda!

Traveling merchants insist they are bringing stocks, but on arrival at the town, their carts are empty of this popular cheese. As a result, prices for what little amount of this already luxury cheese does come in are skyrocketing.

You want gouda? Gouda luck! It’s harder to come by right now than dragons’ tears! 

— Jain Ottenheimer

After a short investigation, you discover that the problem is goblins! Goblins are known for having a taste in luxury, and apparently, this includes foodstuffs as much as gold and gems. It seems on learning how expensive it had become, they've decided to steal and hoard the town's gouda. So long as it remains valuable, there's no way they're going to stop.

The people need their cheese, and it's up to you to help. Counter the goblins' scheme and recover the stolen gouda!