Merkle Proofs

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Part I

Building Merkle Trees

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The monks use Merkle Trees to build their verification system. By storing a merkle root in a SacredTree contract, they can verify whether or not an address belongs to their list of trusted addresses.

Here are the details you will need to know:

  • The merkle tree uses the keccak256 hash function

  • The trusted addresses are hashed to form leaves

  • The leaves of the tree are then sorted before the tree is built

  • When building the tree, the pair of hashes are sorted before being hashed together again

Your Task

In data/trustees.js, you will find the entire dataset of trusted addresses. Transform these addresses into a merkle tree, and store the merkle root in the SacredTree contract.

You can leave the verify(...) function empty for now!

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In order for the monks of the Lotus Order to preserve their history, you must aid them in creating a new sacred tree.