Low-Level Calls

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Part I

Using call()

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How does call() work?

Your Task

  1. Set harvestedCrops value to 100

  2. Set fedCows[8] to 10000

Contract Code

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.19; contract Farm1 { Tractor public tractor; uint256 public harvestedCrops; mapping(uint32 => uint32) public fedCows; constructor() { tractor = new Tractor(); } /// @dev Can only be called by tractor function harvestCrops(uint256 count) external { require(msg.sender == address(tractor)); harvestedCrops = count; } /// @dev Can only be called by tractor function feedCow(uint32 cowId, uint32 amount) external { require(msg.sender == address(tractor)); fedCows[cowId] = amount; } } contract Tractor { function drive( bytes calldata _instructions, address _target ) external { (bool result, ) =; require(result, "Call failed"); } }

Help Old Man Otto use the mechanized farm wagon to feed his favorite cow and harvest his crops.