Interactive Fraud Proofs

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Arriving in the city, you are delighted to hear that the Good Hope Players are in town. This group of traveling performers is famous all across Arahnan for their plays and entertainment.

The troop has set up in one of the city’s public parks, and you eagerly spend the coin for admission. The new play they are putting on is titled “The Ballad of the Bandit King”; a tale of a bandit who became one of the most powerful men in the kingdom went mad with wealth, murdered his wife over an imagined slight, and finally begged his son to kill him. It is a majestic tale of how power corrupts.

You find yourself swept away by the performance. However, once the show is over and the crowd begins to thin, you notice a woman arguing with the company manager.

I can assure you, my good woman, our play is as accurate as it is possible to be!

— Company Manager

But the woman is adamant. She claims the Bandit King was not greedy but gave what he stole to the poor of the kingdom. She also says his wife died of a fever, and he never laid a hand on her.

At some point, your guard waned, and your eavesdropping became quite apparent. Noticing your presence, the woman turns to you.

Well, Guardian of the Order? Surely you can listen to reason. What do you think?

— Audience Member

It is not in your place to intervene. However, when you think about it, there were certain plot holes in the play that are difficult to explain. The woman might be right. You can’t do much, but maybe you can convince the company manager to hear her out.