Finding Ouroboros

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Being the home of Cryptomancy, it is no surprise that Lodzhaven also houses many alchemists. While the practices of alchemy and Cryptomancy are different, there are many ways in which they can benefit each other.

Today, you have been called to assist a local alchemist who has come to the Order for assistance with her experiments.

Guardian, I need your help. I’m at a vital juncture in my experiments, but I’ve unexpectedly run out of a key ingredient. Please, I need you to hunt me down the skin of an Ouroboros.

— Kelda Silverfinger

Your eyebrows raise at this request. The Ouroboros is a very rare species of serpent that, at the point of death, will begin to devour itself, only to be reborn again. It is believed that during this act of self-consumption, the skin they shed holds curious healing properties.

It won’t be easy. Finding any Ouroboros is already a difficult task, and one in the process of rebirth is even harder…