Emergency Governance Attack

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The docks of Windersail are well known for their organized crime. While the majority of traders are honest, there is a constant battle being fought between the King's Revenuers and the criminal gangs who seek to make their dishonest living.

You've received a tip that these gangs have formed a council, with the aim of working together to better coordinate their criminal activities. If they are successful, it will be next to impossible to prevent them from bringing narcotics and other illegal goods into the kingdom.

Luckily, you've been given information on where this council will meet to finalize their plans. Simply disrupting the meeting won't be good enough. They will simply reconvene elsewhere. But if you can find a way to turn them against each other, they might no longer trust each other enough to work together.

It will be no easy feat, doing so without being detected. But you've never been one to back down from a challenge...