Implementing Elliptic Curves

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Deep within the crypts of the Crown Palace sits the King's Treasury. Here the greatest treasures of the kingdom, as well as the monarch's personal riches, are stored. It is known to be the safest location in the kingdom, with multiple layers of magic and physical security...

The greatest of these is the Obsidian Door. Fifteen feet high and carved from pure obsidian, the Obsidian Door will only open to the Keyholders, one of the few men and women personally handpicked by the royal family. But over time, the sealing magics have begun to fade and must be reinforced. Naturally, the royal family has reached out to the Order for assistance.

The relationship between the Order and the royal family is always a careful balance. By providing this service to them, you might just be able to keep that balance from toppling.

Visit the vaults, and restore the Obsidian Door!