Implementing Elliptic Curves

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Part III

Affine ↔ Jacobian Coordinates

We only have to implement 2 more functions for ObsidianGates to work. The contract accepts a signature (rx,ry,s)(rx, ry, s), where (rx, ry) is an affine point. Key holders are also represented as a mapping of affine points.

Hence, our elliptic curve library must support the conversion of points between the affine space and Jacobian space. We wish to implement the following 2 functions.



affineToJac(Felt, Felt) → JacPoint

Projects an affine point into the Jacobian space.

jacToAffine(JacPoint) → (Felt, Felt)

Converts a Jacobian point back into the affine space.

Your Task

In contracts/EllipticCurve.sol, implement the logic for affineToJac and jacToAffine. These functions must be implemented efficiently.

After that, the ObsidianGates should open to the city's key bearers again!

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