Delegate Call Detection

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As you walk the streets of Lodzhaven, you sense a strange feeling in your mind, drawing you into a nearby alleyway. You have just enough presence of mind to draw your weapon as you step into the alley, only to find yourself face to face with a terrifying Mindeater.

Mindeaters are parasites that inhabit the heads of their victims. Over time, they slowly replace the host’s thoughts with their own, consuming their freewill. If they succeed, they will then be able to use the body to multiply. They are rare, especially in cities. It must have arrived on a trading ship.

But there’s no time to wonder how the creature got here. Letting out a haunting screech the Mindeater rushes in your direction. Before you have a chance to react, the wraith enters your body and begins to attack your mind.

You must find a way to discern your thoughts from the Mindeaters. Fail, and your story will end here.