Clone Factories

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As you walk across the Fortress’ courtyard, you notice a young apprentice practicing her summoning spells.

Urgh…why can’t I get this right…

— Elaine Freeheart

Leaning over the spellbook she has open on her lap, the girl raises her hand and begins to chant. As you watch, an indistinct spirit cat begins to form on the ground before her. But as hard as she tries to control her powers, the spell quickly drains the girl’s mana, and the feline dissipates into thin air as quickly as it appeared.

The girl curses at her failure, looking more determined than ever. She doesn’t look like someone who is going to stop trying until she’s mastered the spell, but at this rate, she’ll be here for days. You’re no master summoner, but you’ve picked up a few tricks on your travels. Perhaps you can help.

Help Elaine master her summoning spell!