Clone Factories

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Part II

ERC1167 Clones

Elaine employs a factory pattern, where a new contract is deployed each time summon() is called. Separating each escrow into separate contracts instead of managing all escrows in a single contract brings about the following benefit:

  1. Code in each contract is simplified.

  2. Each escrow is isolated from one another, making them more resilient to certain security vulnerabilities.

However, factories come with a huge cost: deploying a new contract into the blockchain is generally very gas expensive. This is worsened if the deployed contract’s bytecode is especially large.

Luckily, EIP-1167 offers a clever way of making deployment much more gas efficient.

Your Task

Using OpenZeppelin’s Clones library, have Elaine deploy ERC1167 minimal proxy SpiritCat contracts.

Run tests in Questplay

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Summoning a spirit cat requires considerable mana. Perhaps, if you can show Elaine a way to reduce this, she’ll be able to complete the spell with less difficulty.