Calldata Spoofing

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Under the awning of the caravanserai, you sit and watch the comings and goings of the local travelers. From merchants setting off across the desert to Guardians returning from their travels, there is nothing quite like a relaxed afternoon watching the world go by.

Look who it is. Would you mind me joining you? I could do with a good drink.

— Yasmin Amondrake

You pull up a chair. The company of a good friend is always welcome. Before long, she is several mugs of wine in as she fills you in on her research woes. Academic research can be fulfilling, but it can as easily be taxing when you hit a dead end.

As evening sets in, you realize it’s high time you got your friend to bed.

Don’t worry. *hic* A quick portal will get us back…

— Yasmin Amondrake

She raises her hands, but after drinking all evening she is in no state to cast even the most basic of spells, let alone a teleportation portal. But you have no desire to carry her back, so perhaps a portal would be the best option to get home with your drunk companion…