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The Basilisk hides in its den. For an address to challenge the Basilisk, it must implement the IChallenger interface.

Unfortunately, the Basilisk plays dirty. It will only allow unarmed challengers into its den. Specifically, it does not allow smart contracts to enter.

Can you figure out how to beat the Basilisk?

Your Task

Set isSlain in Basilisk to true.

Contract Code

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.19; import "./interfaces/IChallenger.sol"; contract Basilisk { mapping(address => bool) public entered; bool public isSlain; function _isContract(address account) private view returns (bool) { uint256 size; assembly { size := extcodesize(account) } return size > 0; } function enter() external { require(!_isContract(msg.sender), "The Basilisk detects a contract!"); // The Basilisk allows you to enter... entered[msg.sender] = true; } function slay() external { require(entered[msg.sender], "You have not entered the den!"); isSlain = IChallenger(msg.sender).challenge(); } }
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.16; interface IChallenger { /// @notice Called by Basilisk. Should return true. function challenge() external pure returns (bool); }

It’s time to enter the Basilisk’s den and slay the beast.